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What Sets the Florida Edition Apart from the Others?

You’re taking the time to select. reliable, long-lasting heating and cooling system for your home. Make that decision count by selecting a system that can stand up to the rigors of the Florida environment. Select a Florida EditionTM brand air conditioner system and rest in the comfort of knowing your equipment can stand up to the harsh weather, high heat and humidity, and long running hours that comes with living in a tropical region. Florida Edition brand air conditioning systems can increase your home’s comfort aand be reliable for years to come.

Power Protection

With Florida being the lightning capital of the world, special attention has been paid to electrical failures. The Florida Edition comes with Copland's Comfort Alert, an on-board diagnostics and over-current protection technology, along with Emerson's surge supressor, helping protect the unit from Florida extremes.

Solid State Contactor & Controls

Rated at 1,000,000 on/off cycles, solid state contactors are ready for a lifetime of service. Compare that to a standard contactor with a 100,000 cycle rating, which could have less than six years of service in Florida.

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Built Tougher

Going above and beyond basic code requirements, the Florida Edition units incorporate hard point anchoring. With most manufacturers using plastic or light gauge steel bases for their outside condensers, Florida Edition units use 18-gauge galvanized steel with an extra layer of post-paint finish to provide a solid footing in the most extreme weather conditions.

Coastal Corrosion Protection

All Florida Edition outside condensers start life with G-90 galvanized steel. The units are then powder-coated to appliance quality appearance and durability. With this double protection, there's no need to worry about minor scratches rusting due to paint loss. Next, all outside condenser coils are treated with Husky coil coating. This polymer-based coating adds additional layers of corrosion protection, extending the unit's life and efficiency for years. Dealer installed sacrificial anodes and dialectic tape further protect against dissimilar metals and electrolysis corrosion.






Our Florida HVAC Expertise

No one knows how to install, maintain, and repair Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation systems in Central Florida’s unique climate quite like us — we’ve been doing it since 1942, after all!

Nowhere else in the USA will you sustain the temperatures of scorching heat and jungle-like humidity for nine months of the year like we do here in Central Florida; nowhere else will you have to keep up with climate shifts as erratic, where you’ll be running the AC one day, and the heater the next; NOWHERE else will you have to sustain those conditions, all while keeping your HVAC systems in top repair against corrosion from the salty air coming off the Atlantic Ocean. The conditions are truly unique to the residents of Rockledge, Titusville, Viera, Suntree, Melbourne, and the surrounding areas of Central Florida — and we know EXACTLY how to keep your HVAC system doing its job efficiently, affordably, and safely. 

We are now offering the ultimate AC system designed, engineered, and built specifically for this purpose: the Florida Edition. 

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